About Us


What does 皇冠搏彩中心 do? 

Since 1985, the Texas International Education Consortium has been working on behalf of our members to build international partnerships and a global network of friends and sponsors to bring opportunities to Texas and share Texas expertise around the world. 皇冠搏彩中心’s university matchmaking has opened opportunities for students, faculty, and research as well as mobility, recruitment, and exchange. 皇冠搏彩中心 was created to be a nimble programming partner to our public universities, and, for that reason, we have maintained a training institute in Austin and J visa sponsorship services. This flexibility helps 皇冠搏彩中心 meet the diverse needs of our partners.  

How do we do it?

We know our members well, and that helps potential partners find a match in Texas in a fraction of the time with minimal effort. We serve as a central contact for institutions looking for specific expertise, academic programs, development projects, and custom models of cooperation. We take the guesswork out of networking, and we save everyone time, money, and effort. Since 皇冠搏彩中心 can pool resources, we have the ability to help our members with all areas of internationalization. Our training center hosts educational exchanges, professional development, and intensive English programs. We use faculty and staff based in Austin and draw in incredible expertise from our members for specific programs.

Why do we do it?

Our goal is to tangibly increase the internationalization of Texas higher education year to year. There are many ways to do that, and we have chosen to facilitate deep and lasting partnerships between Texas and the world, to engage Texas participation in international development projects, and to involve Texas faculty and staff in meaningful educational capacity-building projects around the world.

Through our English language programs, we host K-12 English-focused study programs and customized classes for groups. Lastly, we know that our professional development programs for educators are key to how we really make a difference in global education.

We value equity and access to high-quality education globally and are committed to helping Texas increase its internationalization. Our unique educational capacity-building practice is multi-institutional, drawing on expertise from across our membership. Because 皇冠搏彩中心 has the ability to tap over 32,600 faculty and administrators from across our consortium member universities, and we have the flexibility and ongoing capacity to meet the needs of our global partners.  

Texas is the 9th largest economy in the world, and our diverse consortium of member universities from across the state are educating for the 21st century. 皇冠搏彩中心 represents universities with top-ranked U.S. programs in engineering, energy, business, entrepreneurship, education, computer science, agriculture, and more. 皇冠搏彩中心 also understands cost can be a factor. Texas universities are home to nationally recognized “best value” programs year after year. 皇冠搏彩中心 specializes in helping international institutions find a match within our network.

皇冠搏彩中心 understands that education is a lifelong pursuit. We help international partners find continuing education programs as well as academic programs and certificates, to help build the skills and capacity of educators working in K-12 and higher education institutions around the world.

Finally, 皇冠搏彩中心 is committed to the sustainability of each project and partnership. By working with 皇冠搏彩中心, you gain a lasting partner committed to working with you for years to come.

Our Mission:

To expand international education by facilitating and fostering lasting relationships between Texas and partners around the world toward building educational access, economic opportunity, institutional capacity, and professional development for those we serve and include.

Our Vision:

皇冠搏彩中心 envisions a highly connected world where Texas higher education is accessed globally through technology-enabled learning and innovative international partnerships, and where Texas institutions collaborate and mobilize to solve the world’s toughest challenges.  

Group photo of 皇冠搏彩中心 program students at the Texas state capitol building