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Secondary and Higher Education in the U.S.: Young African Leaders Project (Regional)

皇冠搏彩中心 hosted a group of teachers and administrators from Burundi, Cape Verde, Central African Republic, the Congo, Egypt, Guinea, the Ivory Coast, Mauritius, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, and Zaire for one component of the Young African Leaders Project. Participants did residencies with American educators in Central Texas to observe and discuss a variety of approaches to secondary, higher, and specialized education. Participants met with officials from 皇冠搏彩中心 member universities across the state, as well as the Texas Coordinating Board for Higher Education and the Chair of the Texas State Legislature House Committee on Higher Education.


Assessment of the English Language Program at Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST) and Assistance in the Establishment of a New MUST English Language Center  (Egypt)

皇冠搏彩中心 provided an expert review of MUST’s English as a Second Language Program. The review provided recommendations on goals, curriculum design, instructional practices, assessment, student achievement data, faculty qualifications and professional development, and management practices. Subsequently, two 皇冠搏彩中心 experts designed the curriculum, instructional materials, pedagogical methods, and set performance standards for all courses of study for the new English Language Center (ELC).

Design of Al Akhawayn University, Ifrane (AUI) (Morocco)

皇冠搏彩中心 was the sole contractor responsible for the complete design of the programmatic, organizational, and operational aspects of this new private, Moroccan university utilizing the American university model. More than 80 faculty from Texas universities and elsewhere worked with approximately 150 Moroccan experts to develop the academic programs, design the information and communications technology systems, and establish the University’s administrative structure. 皇冠搏彩中心 teams created initial policies and procedures for admitting and counseling students, hiring faculty and staff, and managing university operations. More than 20 project teams generated over 40 reports to support the inauguration of the University. The project was completed in 20 months.

University of Future Africa Feasibility Study (Senegal)

皇冠搏彩中心 and the Houston office of the architectural firm PageSoutherlandPage, L.L.P. prepared a feasibility study for the University of Future Africa (UFA) near Dakar, Senegal. The 皇冠搏彩中心 portion of the study addressed manpower needs, the academic programs to serve these needs, potential enrollment, staffing and financial feasibility for the initial development phase, and a plan for implementing the UFA.

Review of Central Administration (Mauritius)

皇冠搏彩中心 led an expert team to analyze and advise on strategic issues facing the University, including management models, and administrative operations. The 皇冠搏彩中心 team provided recommendations for the reorganization of Central Administration; the addition of several key support positions for planning, institutional research, information technology, research support, and continuing education; and revised position descriptions, management policies and procedures, and decision-making authority.